Students led by BC, SC, ST and Minority Student Federation staged a demonstration at the Collectorate here on Friday urging the government to enhance the student scholarships to Rs. 1,000 (school) and Rs.1,500 (for college students).

Addressing the protesters, federation State president J. Laxminarasimha said students housed in social welfare hostels are going half-starved every day due to inadequate scholarship amount. He said the inmates of jails were sanctioned Rs. 1,300 per month towards mess charges, patients in hospitals Rs. 40 per day (Rs.1,200 per month) and Navodaya students Rs.1,000 per month while social welfare hostels were paid an amount of Rs.435 towards mess charges in schools and Rs. 520 for college students.

The daily charges worked out at Rs. 5.70 which was not enough even to buy a cup of tea in the hotels.

On account of poor facilities and lack of nutrition, majority of students prefer not to join the hostels. He urged the government to take the matter seriously and enhance the mess charges without delay.