While many educational institutions have been forced to advance the Dasara vacations, students and parents once again seek to be spared from the ongoing mass general strike as these letters convey

I am an Intermediate second year student studying in a private junior college and our colleges were closed from Tuesday. Teachers are unable to complete the syllabus. Aishwarya Ramesh


If Telangana leaders are really worried about Telangana State, they should see that the students of the region are not deprived of education. If bandhs are observed, then students will be at a loss. Moreover, non-Telangana students score over Telangana students. Protests and agitations should be conducted in a peaceful way as Anna Hazare.

V.G. Deshpande,



City students are lagging behind those in other parts, regarding competitive exams or even syllabus coverage. Parents are worried about their children's future.

Many colleges are conducting classes for a few students, who study well while students who are poor at academics are neglected.

G.J. Deepika,




Being a teacher myself, I know how important a day in school is for children. With the ongoing strike and dragging children into it, they have literally brought the children on to the roads.

It will take a lot of time to bring them back to discipline. All the efforts of teachers put in the last three months in preparing them for exams have gone waste.

Radhika Jayan


The government has declared holidays from Thursday for educational institutions and this is in addition to the past one week holidays due to bandh. The government should see that classes are conducted regularly.

Padmasini M A



School and Intermediate students are minors. Their minds get influenced easily to political agitations. Many colleges are conducting classes on holidays and Sundays, which earlier were used by students to prepare for different competitive exams, thus putting extra pressure.

Vijay Akula



It is most unfortunate that political parties in Telangana are competing with each other to spoil our region. Education, transportation and essential services such as medical are most affected because of continuous bandhs and strikes. Bifurcation of State is a political agenda, but we want our children's future safe.

Ramchander Yadav,



I was in the field of education as lecturer for 35 years teaching humanities. Noting succeeds like discipline and dedication, both on the part of the teacher and the taught.

What kind of education are we imparting to our students by instigating them to take part in these agitations?

V.K. Manne,