Student power is as strong as a tsunami. Any agitation spearheaded by students can be successful as was proved in Tamil Nadu four decades ago when students succeeded in opposing the three-language formula of the Centre through anti-Hindi movement. The DMK, riding piggyback on it, was propelled to power in the elections that followed, dethroning the Congress government of Bhaktavatsalam and the Congress party never recovered again. A student leader P. Srinivasan on DMK ticket defeated the Congress giant Kamaraj in his home constituency of Virudunagar for the Lok Sabha. The Telangana agitation bears similarity to this. The students seem to head for success helping the politicians to achieve separate Telangana state, though they may end up losers on the academic front, one’s afraid. For, the agitation, even if it lasts a few months, means that their exams have to be postponed delaying the academic year making it difficult for them to catch up with the rest in the all-India and state-level common entrance tests next year.

Believe it or not!

Both incidents belonged, more or less, to the realm of ‘believe it or not’. The subject of both was sex, but one is salacious and the other is—this was the claim any way—platonic. The persons involved in both incidents are octogenarians and VVIPs in their respective fields. Incidentally, the same TV channel had telecast both incidents and there was overwhelming response to both incidents.

Wondering about the incidents and persons involved? One is Narayan Dutt Tiwari, a veteran politician of seventy years’ standing and the other is thespian Akkineni Nageswara Rao, descried as ‘every green’ ‘romantic hero’ hero who walked like a colossus on Telugu silver screen for about seven decades. The alleged ‘sexpades’ of Tiwari had cost him his gubernatorial, some call it ‘guber-notorious’, post.

Akkineni Nageswara Rao claimed that even though he acted with as many as 80 heroines, charming and provocative, he remained ‘faithful to his wife’ throughout his life in the tinsel world and not even once went astray. This he did, to keep his word given to his mother. The Managing Director of the TV channel who interviewed Dr. Nageswara Rao, seemed to take the assertion with a pinch of salt.

Unscrupulous conduct

The crisis in administration of the State due to unrest over the demand for bifurcation of the State and the alleged sex scandal involving the Governor seems to have emboldened some of the ‘Government servants’ to make hay while the sun shines.

While some of the officials and employees are demanding money from the public for doing their routine work, some others are shamelessly going from shop to shop and demanding ‘mamools’ for Pongal, despite the periodical raids by Anti Corruption Bureau sleuths.

“They draw handsome salaries but are pestering us for ‘mamools’. The officers are directly coming to our shops,” said a trader pleading anonymity.

It’s high time that the spy cameras of the satellite channels caught the unscrupulous officials in their act.

Nobody is an island

Hollywood movie Avatar is making waves since its release a few days ago. Animation, costumes, sets and all other technology (to suit the story time of 2051) involved in making the Rs.120 crore movie are attracting people. Apart from the technological marvel, the story line should remind one of the struggle of the Girijans in our own Visakha Agency.

Avatar is about the tribe called Na’vi living in a planet called Pandora in the universe. People of this tribe are at least three times larger than the normal human beings and the size of animals too is in accordance with the size of humans. Greedy people backed by armed forces try to exploit a rare and expensive mineral that lies below a massive tree on which the tribe lives.

One highlight of the movie is the way the tree has been shown. Some humans turned into giant tribals thanks to the efforts of scientists help the tribe, the animals and dragon like birds to successfully resist the attempt of the greedy people and army officer. Does not the movie remind you that the Visakha Agency is endowed with high quality bauxite and the Government is all set to start mining the ore even as the tribals are very much against it because it not only uproots them from their habitat but also destroys the forests and natural wealth of the Agency? People in plain area are bound to suffer as many rivers and streams that supply water to them get dried up and the refineries that come up pollute the atmosphere in the surrounding areas.

(Prabhakkar Sharma, R.Jagadeeswara Rao, B. Madhu Gopal and G. Narasimha Rao)