Commenting on ‘sentiment and wishes of the people', the Srikrishna Committee notes that the Telangana region has consistently argued that ‘emotional and psychological integration' between the two regions---Telangana and Seemandhra---has not been achieved even after 54 years of having been together. On sociological issues, the committee report observed that regional sentiment for and against bifurcation has been evocatively expressed in terms of the metaphor of the family.

It said during the field visits of the committee members Telangana natives spoke in favour of ‘small family', arguing that it was better for growth and development than a ‘joint family'.

The report quoted them as saying ‘it was better to separate than let discord fester.

The other two regions conversely emphasised that benefits of a joint family and of staying together. According to them, quarrels between brothers should be settled amicably'. Another strong metaphor heard was that of the State as one human body, underlining the importance of Hyderabad as the entire State.