Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: There is an urgent need for people to be more educated on social hygiene and solid waste management. People from all sections of the society from slums to apartments and commercial establishments are negligent towards sewage maintenance, observed Marri Shashidhar Reddy, member of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and sitting MLA of Sanathnagar constituency.

While hospitals were disposing solid waste like syringes and bandages in the drainage system, people of some slums were lifting manhole lids and directly dumping garbage in them. Coconut vendors, ice-cream sellers and municipal workers are also adopting similar tactics in many cases, he observed.

Mr. Reddy was airing his observations after visiting Bholakpur victims at Gandhi Hospital and touring the affected areas on Saturday evening. “We are working on a reactive basis,” he felt. “There should be periodic maintenance of sewer lines according to a fixed schedule, which should ease regular blockage problems.” He felt the need for classifying various areas in the city in different categories and deal with them according to relevant strategies. “Livelihood should not be affected but there should be no compromise ,” he said.