Nagam's supporters detain three constables who attempt to ‘fix him' in poll malpractice

The police attempt to fix Independent candidate Nagam Janardhan Reddy in a case of malpractice in Nagarkurnool by-election by conducting a sting operation boomeranged on Saturday.

Three police constables in mufti, who trespassed on the hospital-cum-residence of Dr. Janardhan Reddy under the guise of ordinary voters, were caught by the workers of Telangana Nagara Samiti. One constable managed to escape.

According to Dr. Janardhan Reddy, three police constables Murali, Mallesh and another one, at around 9.30 a.m., entered his private room on the third floor of the building where he was taking rest along with some followers. They reportedly asked him to give them money as they had some voters who would cast their votes in his favour.

Rejects offer

Dr. Janardhan Reddy rejected their offer and told them that if they had any sympathy for him for sacrificing his elected post, they should vote for him voluntarily. Again the constables insisted on liquor bottles which he again refused and asked them to leave the room.

Photos taken

Later, the constables went to the second floor where Dr. Reddy's followers were distributing poll slips and agent forms. The constables took their with their cell phone cameras and informed their higher ups that only poll slips were being distributed.

Observing this, the workers got suspicious, caught hold of them and enquired about their antecedents. The constables revealed that they were from the Police Department. Dr. Reddy's followers detained them in a room and informed the matter to him.

Meanwhile, Additional SP Pradeep Reddy, DSP Ashok Kumar and CI Shankar Raju came to Dr. Janardhan Reddy's residence and sought the release of the constables. After hour-long arguments with Dr. Reddy, they managed to get the constables released.

While arguments between Dr. Reddy and police officers were going, hundreds of Nagara Samati, TRS, BJP, CPI and other Telangana civil organisations staged a dharna in front of the residence of Dr. Reddy against the constables who trespassed on the residence of Dr. Reddy without any search warrant.

Shadow party

Later, the police constables lodged a complaint in Nagarkurnool police station against Dr. Reddy and his supporters for detaining them at his residence illegally.

Police officials who defended their action said that the three constables were part of shadow party and as part of their duty, they entered the residence of the contesting candidate.

But Dr. Janardhan Reddy alleged that they had trespassed on his residence without seeking permission either from him or from his followers allegedly to fix him in election malpractice such as distribution of money and liquor to voters by a carrying out a sting operation.

Dr. Reddy said that he would lodge a complaint with Election Commission on illegal and unwarranted interference of the three police constables in mufti in his affairs and trespassing on his residence.

  • Constables lodge complaint against Nagam and his supoprters for detaining them illegally

  • Nagam to complain to EC on unwarranted interference by constables in his affairs