The Special Task Force (STF) headed by K. Vijay Kumar, Senior Security Advisor to the Union Home Ministry, has focused attention on checking the possible strengthening of the ultra-Left movement headed by Maoists in the event of bifurcation.

The Task Force got down to the serious business of reviewing law and order on the second day of its visit to the State capital. It heard the views of several senior IPS officers on apprehensions about a possible spurt in extremist activities after the division of the State. Sources said the STF did not look into political aspects like the status of Hyderabad in the event of bifurcation, but was purely focussed on law and order.

The team is learnt to have posed several probing questions about the incidence of Maoist attacks and those by other extreme Left groups as well as the disruptive forces that were posing a challenge to the country’s internal security. The discussion, according to sources, also touched upon the aspect of forces, with backing from across the border, inimical to the territorial sovereignty.

“The essence is to understand certain loose ends that could make us vulnerable,” a senior officer who participated in the deliberations told The Hindu after the meeting of the task force that continued till late evening. The task force earlier in the day consulted retired IPS officials including K. Vijayarama Rao, Pervaram Ramulu and K.R. Nandan and sought their views. The task force was focussed on understanding the issue from a national perspective. The team was concerned that AP, that was a leading State in putting in place an effective law enforcement mechanism, had also seen extremist violence.

“The whole exercise now is to evolve steps to prevent fissiparous and disruptive forces that pose a challenge,” the officer claimed.