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Anti-social elements selling diesel in black market

Filling stations told to record supply of every litre of diesel

ANANTAPUR: The district administration has issued certain guidelines to the fuel filling stations in the district to streamline the scarce supply of diesel and to prevent its way to the black market. A few complaints were received by the administration that some individuals including anti-social elements were taking away diesel in cans in the name of farmers and selling it in black.

Joint Collector T. Chiranjeevulu stated here on Thursday that even the filling station managements were required to follow certain guidelines to streamline the supplies. He directed the filling stations to record supply of every litre of diesel including the name of persons who were getting the supply.

To prevent the fuel finding its way into the black market, the Joint Collector told the needy farmers to get the diesel for their farms by showing their pattadar passbooks.

The vehicle owners who would not come to filling stations could also get 20 litres supply by showing their registration book.