‘State working towards developing Anantapur dt.'

New ideas: Primary Education Minister S. Sailajanath. Photo: R.V.S. Prasad  

Primary Education Minister S. Sailajanath, on Thursday said the government was working towards finding a lasting and sustainable solution to the problems being faced by the people of Anantapur district.

Speaking to The Hindu , Mr. Sailajanath said he was contemplating calling for a meeting of experts from the district and from around the country with relative experiences in a few months time, aimed at proposing and debating original and novel ideas to develop the district on a long term basis.

“The solution should be one that is sustainable, providing livelihood to numerous farmers and people employed in the allied sectors,” the Primary Education Minister opined.


Stating that horticulture was one of the solutions, he said the district had earned fifth spot in the State development indices from a position close to being the least developed in the last five odd years mainly due to the thrust given to horticulture.

He claimed that the success was only because of the Congress, thanks to the pro-people sand pro-agricultural policies it pursued in the State.

Garment industry

The Minister said, he was perusing ways and means of bringing into the district the next level of garment industry, which required high levels of automation and industry which could do job works for big corporates as was being is done in Bangalore and in places like Madurai in Tamil Nadu.

Pitching in strongly on the government's side on the issue of achievements of the current and last Congress government, the Minister argued that the State government was in continuous perusal of industrial development in the district and said the grounding of the Science City aimed at providing over a lakh jobs was one step in the process.

Government serious

“Although the project did run into rough weather thanks to the global economic recession, and investors withdrawing, one needs to remember that the leaders from the district had successfully earmarked 5 tmc of water from Somasila for the district to encourage industry. This shows that the State government has always been serious about the issue of development of the district,” Mr. Sailajanath said.

Solution should be sustainable and provide livelihood to farmers and people employed in allied sectors, says S. Sailajanath

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