“The State government has been weakening the Public Distribution System (PDS) and not letting it function properly,” alleged Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader Ch. Babu Rao said here on Friday.

Addressing a press conference he said the government was not distributing food grains properly to the people. It was giving false excuses and stopping the distribution of essentials to the people, Mr. Babu Rao alleged.

While 7,44,398 litres of kerosene was allotted to the city in 2010, it has been brought down to 5,17,641 litres, he said.

“The Congress is not honouring the promises it made during elections,” the CPI(M) leader said. Despite the tall claims by the government on allotment of new cards, the number of ration cardholders was less than previous years, he said. “In 2009 the number of cardholders was 1,92,855 and now it had come down to 1,79,638, but the Government gave out a false reports asserting 80 per cent of the BPL people had white cards,” he said. The cards that had expired were not renewed; he said demanding immediate action on these problems.