Panel of quasi judicial authorities should notify resources for equitable distribution, says RRS chief

Kuncham Venkata Subba Reddy, president of Rayalaseema Rashtra Samithi (RRS), has urged the State and Central governments to constitute an expert panel to scientifically prepare an inventory of resources in Andhra Pradesh.

Talking to reporters here on Friday, he said once a political decision was taken to divide the State, the biggest hurdle would be distribution of river water, electricity and other natural resources.

The government should not delay the process of identification of resources irrespective of the time taken for a political decision.

In the event of announcement, Telangana leadership might attempt to grab the large chunk of natural resources. As Srikrishna panel bared all facts, another panel with quasi judicial authorities should notify all resources for judicious and equitable distribution.

Plea to leaders

He appealed to Rayalaseema leaders not to talk of Samaikyandhra which was the concept of a handful of coastal Andhra leaders who had business interests in Telangana. In the event of announcement of Telangana, unpreparedness of Rayalaseema people would cost them dearly as was done in 1956.

He said Minister Erasu Pratap Reddy, who was a strong votary of greater Rayalaseema, had suddenly changed his stand and was fighting for united Andhra Pradesh. This would harm the interests of Rayalaseema region.

Mr. Subba Reddy said Rayalaseema people should know the facts that Sir Mechanize had proposed the Krishna-Pennar Projects to provide irrigation to 35 lakh in 1890-1900, but it did not materialise.

Similarly, the Krishna-Pennar project was cleared by Planning Commission in 1951 to provide irrigation in Rayalaseema and Tamil Nadu.

The Coastal Andhra leaders prompted the Rayalaseema people to speak against the project and later secured Nagarjuna Sagar which did not provide irrigation to an inch of land in Rayalaseema. The promises made in the Sribagh pact were never honoured.

The clever leadership of Coastal Andhra hoodwinked the people of Rayalaseema by promising them capital and Krishna water.

He said it was high-time that the leaders from the region spoke only for Rayalaseema.

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