The AP Mahila Samakhya has demanded that the State Government sanction immediate financial assistance to the dependents of Naga Krishnaveni, who died on Saturday morning.

It may be recalled that Krishnaveni had claimed to be one of the wives of Jagadamba theatre proprietor Jagadish Kumar.

He and his father Rambabu were booked in a harassment cases following complaints by three women in February this year. The three had complained that Jagadish had ditched them after marrying them.

Samakhya district secretary A. Vimala and president Ganga Bhavani told reporters that Krishnaveni died due to ill health as she was forced to undergo multiple abortions allegedly by Jagadish in the past. Krishnaveni, a native of Tadepalligudem in West Godavari district, couldn't receive proper medical aid despite being the wife of an affluent theatre owner.

Ms. Vimala found fault with the State Government for ignoring the plea of the samakhya for proper medical care to the victim.

They held the police responsible for watering down the case.

Ms. Ganga Bhavani said that the condition of another victim Sandhya was not better and sought proper medical aid to her pending disposal of the case.

She said that the dependents of Krishnaveni were planning to stage a dharna at the residence of Jagadish for justice.