They are forced to continue struggle against exploitation, says woman Maoist

Women belonging to Dalit, minority, middle class, working class sections and students were forced to continue their struggle against exploitation and discrimination they are facing in the present way of governance and society, a woman Maoist inmate of Central Prison here Potluri Kranthi said in a letter sent on behalf of CPI (Maoist) political prisoners on Wednesday, on the eve of International Women’s Day.

While people, particularly women, were forced to carry out struggles, the government was trying to undermine the spirit of Women’s Day by encouraging them to participate in cooking and rangoli competitions and fashion shows on March 8 while trying to make women believe that this was their real freedom and turned observance of the important day into a farce, the letter said.

The government was talking about welfare of the people but on March , 2004 the police killed a woman Maoist, it said.

Women were playing an important role in people’s agitations to protect land, environment, their livelihood and natural resources or dislocation of poor from the slums everywhere in the country and they were also facing severe oppression as part of the government’s action to suppress the movements.

Harassing women to weaken an agitation had become routine, said Ms. Kranthi. No revolution would succeed without women participating in it, she said.

Safety for women had become a myth as infanticide, sexual attacks on women irrespective of age, gang rape, murders had increased alarmingly and woman was not sure of her safety even she was moving with her family, Ms. Kranthi said.

  • Woman Maoist inmate of Central Prison writes a letter on behalf of CPI (Maoist) political prisoners

  • Women are playing an important role in people’s agitations to protect land, environment