Suresh Krishnamoorthy

‘The production, distribution and exhibition sectors have been together not allowing revenues go awry’

HYDERABAD: Even after six weeks and several rounds of discussions between Bollywood producers and multiplex owners, the stalemate over revenue-sharing continues across the country. Interestingly, while it has hit multiplexes in other places very hard, the production, distribution and exhibition sectors in Andhra Pradesh have been largely together not allowing revenues go awry.

While multiplexes have offered Bollywood producers a revenue-sharing formula of 50, 40, 30 and 25 per cent for the first, second, third and fourth week of screening, the latter are stuck on getting 50, 45, 40 and 35 per cent respectively.

Ramesh Prasad, Managing Director, Prasads IMAX, does not like the tussle and says people should see the correctness of their proposals.

“No one can dictate terms to the other sector. They have to see our contribution too. I am of the firm belief that production, distribution and exhibition sectors are one and have to be together,” he says, categorically.

‘Flexible outlook’

Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber of Commerce president K.S. Rama Rao says that the flexible outlook of ‘biggies’ in the production and exhibition sectors in the State has had its effect. “Thanks to far-sighted people, like Mr. Ramesh Prasad, we do not think we will face such a problem at least here. The problem affecting North India is also due to ego hassles between big people in the two sectors.”

Convener of the committee formed by multiplexes and MD, Fame Cinema, Shravan Shroff says that producers cannot be blind about quality of their products.

“We do have some expertise in judging the success of a film and expect producers to come off their high horse.”

There are several versions about who loses and who gains, but Hindi film buffs, who look to combine the sheer experience of going around a multiplex and enjoy their favourite Bollywood blockbusters, are a disappointed lot.

Music director Sashi Preetam, who runs Deep Roots Entertainment & Movies Pvt Ltd, does not want to take a chance at all. “I will release my first bi-lingual (Hindi and Telugu) film, ‘Kitkit +Cricket = KIRKIT’ only after the problem is solved,” he declares.