A piquant situation has cropped up after release of water was discontinued from Nagarjunasagar and Srisailam to supplement the storage in Prakasam Barrage in compliance with High Court orders.

Pond level

The pond level in Prakasam Barrage decreased by one ft due to indiscriminate release of waters from its reservoir without replenishment that would ensure supply to Eastern, Western and Buckingham canals to save the standing crops in the 13.5 lakh acre Krishna delta spread over Krishna, Guntur, West Godavari and Prakasam districts.

Twin losses

Any further depletion of the level in the Prakasam Barrage will subject the State to twin losses.

Not only the crops but also the full-scale operation of the 1760-MW capacity Vijayawada Thermal Station, the main source of power for the State contributing over 40 million units day, will get affected. The power station requires 12 ft pond level for full-load operation.

Court order

The High Court ordered the government not to release water unless the level reached 834 ft in Srisailam (885 ft full level) and 510 ft in Nagarjunasagar ( FRL 590ft).

Recent inflows

Following recent inflows, the level in Srisailam has reached 828 ft now, which is 28 ft above the minimum level required for operation of its right and left bank powerhouses (both 1670 MW). At this level, a comfortable operation of the hydel stations is possible.


Sources said the government plans to approach the High Court on Monday or later for stay of its orders. It did not file any appeal before the court so far with the hope that the heavy inflows would continue to reach Srisailam for a few more days.