Private transport workers have held the government responsible for accidents on highways alleging that the government failed to provide adequate facilities and infrastructure on highways.

TDP Vijayawada Parliamentary constituency incharge Kesineni Srinivas (Nani), addressing employees of the transport sector, said about 40,000 transport sector employees were without work because of the crackdown on buses and unwarranted inspections conducted at the behest of the Transport Minister. The drivers and cleaners were not in a position to provide a square meal to their families, he said.

The government had not taken adequate steps to provide signals on the highways near culverts.

The designs of culverts were also not in concurrence with the standards. For instance, in a recent accident, it was noticed that the culvert protruded eight feet onto the road. It was sheer negligence on the part of the Highways Authority as there were no caution or sign boards indicating the presences of culverts, he said.

Mr. Srinivas said that he would extend free insurance and medical facility to every worker and members of his family in the private transport sector