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In the elections held, the TDP won five seats and the ruling Congress won only four

TIRUPATI: A stalemate continues for the second consecutive day over the election to the Tirupati Co-Op Town Bank Chairperson’s post amid high drama. The meeting scheduled on Tuesday to elect the chairperson had to be postponed for want of quorum with an official declaration to meet on Wednesday to elect the Chairperson.

In the elections held for the 12-member board, the TDP won five seats and the ruling Congress had to be content with four. The remaining three seats went in favour of independents who naturally started pulling strings as in any election in such circumstances. With one of the independents -- Pulugoru Prabhakar Reddy declaring his decision to sail with the TDP group, its tally increased to six needing only one more vote to touch the figure of seven to capture the Chairman’s post.

Strength equal

Similarly, the Congress tally also rose to five with another independent candidate, Bhuvankumar Reddy, reportedly agreeing to throw his lot with the Congress group. With another independent also reportedly conveying his decision to cast his lot with the Congress, its strength also levelled with the TDP’s six. The Congress was under the premise that there would be a tie and it could try to manouvre things in its favour. But when the meeting scheduled for Wednesday was to begin at 11 a.m. as announced by the election officer, Brahmananda Reddy, much to the consternation of the Congress, only five of its six members turned up while Bhuvankumar Reddy, an independent who earlier promised it his support, was reportedly not to be seen anywhere around.

In contrast, all the six members of the TDP group were present at the meeting and as per the act the meeting was supposed to be held without any postponement irrespective of the quorum factor. As such if the meeting were to be held and the election conducted as notified, the TDP group having six votes against its five would have walked away with the coveted chairperson’s post.

Precarious position

The Congress realised the dangerous situation it was in. It was against this backdrop that the election officer, Brahmananda Reddy, did not turn up for the meeting amid rumours that he was ‘missing’.

Other sources said that he suddently developed some ‘inexplicable health complications’ which made him ‘abstain.’


Meanwhile, the TDP group waited till the end of the time fixed for the election meeting and left the venue.

The State and district TDP leaders who were deputed to monitor the situation and guide the local group reportedly took serious objection to the whole ‘drama’ and lodged a complaint with the Chittoor District Collector.