There is neither elation nor depression over the new ‘6-point formula' in the district

Predictably there is neither elation or depression in these parts over a new ‘6-point formula' hammered out by the Justice Srikrishna Committee to end the separate Telangana tangle.

Since the panel has not straight away conceded a Telangana state ignoring the strong sentiments expressed in these regions against it by the ‘Samaikhyandhra' JAC which operated with Tirupati as its head quarters, it has cheered up both the JAC activists and the general public of the Chittoor district.

This is probably the case with the entire Rayalaseema and Nellore districts who share a common culture and sentiments.


But what comes as a significant factor is the recommendation of the committee for ‘Rayala-Telangana' state against the popular and a near unanimous demand of all the political parties only for a ‘Greater Rayalaseema' state. In fact right from the beginning the general demand of the political parties and the JAC has been that there should either be a Samaikhyandhra (unified AP) or a Greater Rayalaseema state comprising Rayalaseema plus Nellore, Prakasam and Mahabubnagar district, in case a bifurcation of the state became inevitable.

But the demand for a Seema-Telangana state came on to the stage only subsequently, pursued mostly by the Congress leaders of the Rayalseema districts apparently with a political angle as the emotional and the population-wise integration of the Rayalaseema and the Telangana regions would provide the party and its leaders an in-built political advantage.


But in public they defended their demand only on the ground that the two regions were not only equally backward but also had a common social and cultural attachment, as compared to the people in the Coastal Andhra region.


In fact, cutting across political lines all the Rayalaseema leaders have been insisting that, should a separation of the State became unavoidable, a separate ‘Rayalaseema state' must be carved out.

Without mincing words the Rayalasemma leaders said that they did not like to sail with the ‘coastal Andhra' people as they ‘ditched' them in the past regarding the implementation of the awards of various committees and pacts.

Voicing demand

But the Rayalaseema leaders have not, at least initially, voiced any demand for a ‘Seema-Telangana state' which the Srikrishna Committee has now recommended.

It is a different matter that the Srikrishna Committee itself had termed the recommendation as ‘impracticable', but it had none the less recognized the sentiment that emerged for a Rayala-Telangana.

  • As the panel has not conceded Telangana state it has kept both JAC activists and public happy
  • This is the case with Rayalaseema and Nellore districts which share a common culture