The Srikrishna Committee, set up to go into the demands of separate Telanagana and united Andhra Pradesh will give its recommendations to the Centre before December 31 this year and will reflect “opinions and views” of different sections of the people in the State. Each recommendation would also have “pros and cons annexed to it”. Committee Member-Secretary Vinod Kumar Duggal told The Hindu here on Wednesday that the committee would give several recommendations and all the Terms of Reference (ToR) would be fully analysed and researched.

Asked whether the report, being prepared after going through 1.25 lakh petitions and personally hearing over 2,000 persons, would satisfy all the interested parties (i.e. those seeking a separate State and those in favour of united Andhra Pradesh), he said, “We are hoping so.”


The recommendations, which were being given final touches, were prepared after so much of research and collection of data with reference to ToR.

To a question, Mr. Duggal said there was no question of skirting any of the ToR.

Justice Srikrishna told this correspondent from Mumbai that the recommendations would be given either on December 30 or 31 this year to the Union Home Ministry. He refused to go into the details of the report.