DCC president and former mayor S. Raghurami Reddy accused the Srikrishna panel report of lacking in clarity. Mr. Reddy told The Hindu that Rayalaseema was neglected in the study by the panel while priority was given to Telangana.

Backward region

All solutions offered by the panel revolved around the opinion of the Telangana while the most backward region like Rayalaseema was not taken into consideration.

He said the Centre not at all considered Rayalaseema as a separate entity and did not bother to invite the leaders from the area to represent its case.

Mr. Reddy said they would share their views with the Congress high command first and react after reading the full text of the report so that they would have a comprehensive picture of the opinion of the panel.

Order of priority

The panel could have offered its solutions in order of priority rather than giving six solutions and rejecting three of its own formulae. A high-level panel should have avoided being contradictory like that.