Srikrishna Committee has recognised the backwardness of Srikakulam district in its report, enabling pro-unified Andhra Predesh leaders to fight against the division of the State. According to the contents of the report, Srikakulam district is backward in many aspects such as education, per capita income and child health.

As per the committee's observation under ‘Intra Regional Disparities-North Coastal Andhra,' the district, dominated by Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, remained extremely backward.

The rural and tribal areas have been neglected with regard to health facilities and a number of tribal people die every year due to malaria and diarrhoea.

It has also mentioned the demand of Manyaseema, an exclusive State for tribal people in its report. Many tribal people feel that a separate State stretching from Adilabad to Srikakulam can ensure their development.

They also sought special provisions to protect tribals who are living non-agency areas. Many groups like Koyas and Kondareddys will be in danger if the State is bifurcated. Migration has become another major problem for Srikakulam.