The launch meeting of members of Sri Vaishnava Brahmin Sanghams of 10-districts of Telangana would be held at Chaitraratha Gardens at Shivanagar in Warangal on December 15.

Thousand pillar temple chief priest Gangu Upendra Sarma urged all the Brahmins to attend the meeting without fail and debate the issues related to their community. Brahmin leaders occupying the positions in political or administration and other forums would make it to the meeting.

Claiming the revolution of the all caste groups in Telangana and other regions in AP, he said that caste interests have eclipsed even the political parties or their leaders in the revolution of the society.

Lamenting on the proposal on the creation of Rayala Telangana, he said that handing over Telangana to the hands of what he called factionists would not do any good the Telangana region.

He said that no Congress or other party leaders would survive the onslaught of Seema districts if Centre goes ahead with the formation of Rayala Telangana.

Continuing his onslaught on Congress party for the mess, he reminded they held Vijayostava Sabhas praising their leader Sonia Gandhi for the decision to carve out 10-district Telangana.