The 103rd birth anniversary of Srirangam Srinivasa Rao, popularly known as Sri Sri, was observed by various organisations in the city on Tuesday.

Minister for Tribal Welfare P. Balaraju, who participated as chief guest in the programme organised by Ghantasala Sports and Cultural Association, said that the works of Sri Sri had contributed to the awakening of society. He had given a new definition of a poet as the one who stood on either side of the working class.

It was a matter of great pride for the people of Visakhapatnam that such a great writer was a native of the city. Government Whip Dronamraju Srinivas, MLA Malla Vijay Prasad, YSRC leader D. Prabha Goud, and writer Jaladhi Vijaya recalled the contribution of Sri Sri towards the betterment of the lives of the working class. Association president S.N.K. Mahanti presided.

Play staged

A play ‘Osey tuvvalanduko’, which was adapted from the story written by Sri Sri, was staged at the Visakhapatnam Public Library.