Zilla Parisad chairperson T. Kavitha Bhaskar Reddy has observed that Sri Krishnadevaraya encouraged all art forms during his reign apart from implementing several welfare schemes for the common man.

Participating in the 500th coronation celebrations organised by the local Officers' Club here on Saturday, ZP chairperson Kavitha stated that irrigation facilities, drinking water and agriculture development was the topmost priority of Devaraya. During his reign Telugu language reached its peak. 

Kavitha inaugurated the Ball badminton games on the occasion. Women, she said, were respected during his reign.

Member of Parliament Anantha Venkatarama Reddy said that the coronation ceremony of Devaraya was being celebrated to educate people about the golden reign of the powerful emperor.

The MP stated that Sri Krishnadevaraya established irrigation tanks on a massive scale in view of severe drought conditions in Anantapur and Bellary in those days. He complimented Collector B. Janardhan Reddy for preparaing for the celebrations. 

Funds for sports

He also promised to allot funds for sports development from his MPLAD funds.

The Collector said that programmes were formulated for all sections of people for their active involvement in the celebrations.

He revealed that 290 entries have been received for various competitions during the coronation ceremony slated from August 6 to 8.