Special Correspondent

Bharadwaj on the last leg of world tour

VISAKHAPATNAM: Bharadwaj Dayala of the city is in the last stage of his world tour on motorcycle and is crossing the Bangladesh-India border at Binapur in West Bengal on October 2 and is expected to return here in October-end after touching all the four metros via the golden quadrilateral.

So far he has travelled 44,000 km, covering five continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Australia after being flagged off here on April 2, 2006 and would be logging nearly 50,000 km by the time he returns to the city.

He flew an additional 20,000 km to cross the oceans. “I am very happy. Once one got used to travelling, it is difficult to stop”, said a joyful Bharadwaj from Bangladesh while interacting over telephone with reporters at a press conference.

The 37-year-old Bharadwaj launched this rigorous tour with an ambition to let the world know about India and his solo riding around the world should inspire others. He is riding a motorcycle made in India and did not have any problem, except for once when the vehicle suffered a break down.

His parents Rama Rao and Kusuma were present at the press conference.

Mr. Rama Rao a cine sound engineer said he was proud of his son. Bike riding was Bharadwaj’s main interest and this ultimately saw him going round the world.

The Bravehearts Adventure Sports, of which Bharadwaj is a member, is the mainstay behind the tour.

His friends and members of the organisation D. Gopichand, and others gave details of how Bharadwaj prepared for the tour.