D.V.L Padma Priya

GHMC proposal to convert thirty identified playgrounds into multipurpose stadia

HYDERABAD: If everything goes without a glitch, the twin cities will soon have 30 multipurpose sports complexes complete with indoor swimming pools and gymnasia. A proposal has been submitted by all the five zones of GHMC towards upgrading 30 identified playgrounds into multipurpose sports complexes.

According to J. Rajeshwar, Assistant Director of Sports, North Zone, GHMC, a proposal has been submitted to develop the playgrounds and to set up a multipurpose sports complex. The sports complex would have an indoor swimming pool, a gymnasium, badminton courts, table tennis hall and other such indoor games. A total of 13 games would be housed within the complex. “Our aim is to ensure at least one sports complex for every area in the city,” he said. Coaches would be appointed to teach swimming, yoga and shuttle, he further added.

Checking encroachers

“Land grabbers are taking advantage of open spaces and to avoid this we came up with this plan,” he said. Director, Sports of GHMC, Prem Raj said that the move would be beneficial to all the sports enthusiasts across the city. “For three decades, only the core areas of the city were developed, but with the increased reach of the municipality, we are now in a position to provide better sports facilities even for those staying in the outskirts,” he said.

He said that public feedback would be taken before the construction and the sports complex would be designed accordingly. Plans are also on to construct open stadia for cricket, football and hockey .

“It is very difficult for the common man to go till Gachibowli stadium. Having a complex in each circle would mean that a sports enthusiast needn’t travel long distances,” he said.