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Secunderabad's 200-year celebrations come to an end

Special funds could have given celebrations a meaning: SayannaPhoto exhibitions on the twin city's ethos and culture fall flatEmpty chairs at the closing ceremony showcase people's disinterest

HYDERABAD: The Secunderabad 200 celebrations are over. Even before everyone knew, it was happening.

As curtains come down on the one-week jamboree that was supposed to celebrate 200 years, Secunderabadis will certainly agree that Secunderabad's pioneering spirit was not showcased in its full essence.

Rest in peace!

Secunderabad 200 was just one big half-hearted blowout. It took off with a carnival, dragged along with a few sparklers at the Parade grounds that were over in a heartbeat and then, it was RIP.

There were a few, like the defence personnel's demonstrations, a couple of musical programmes and vintage automobiles, but nothing else that involved the public and brought out the true blue Secunderabadi spirit out of them.

Appalling civic conditions that they have been made to suffer by a Cantonment administration that few can match in indifference, callousness and lethargy still continue.

Examples are abundant in the form of bad roads, inadequate water supply systems, overflowing garbage dumps and much more in just a one-km radius of Parade Grounds, local residents complained.

"What are celebrations without a little contemplation? They could have discussed problems plaguing Secunderabad. Some special funds from the Government could have given the celebrations a real meaning," says Secunderabad Cantonment legislator G. Sayanna.

Issues take a back seat

Of course, when the policy-making legislature - all the city MLAs, including those belonging to the ruling party, decides to boycott the celebrations and the administration-controlling bureaucrats revelled in cultural jamborees, civic issues obviously take a backseat.

"The commemorative events would have been meaningful had officials showed a little sincerity in getting the commonest of the commoners to attend all of them," a pan shop owner on R.P. Road shrugged.

Seminars on Secunderabad drew sparse audiences, when they could actually have been occasions to educate youth on where they actually live.

Photo exhibitions, which captured the distinct culture and ethos of Secunderabad, were short-term.

`Apathy' to the fore

The heritage tour was a sham, with not even 10 persons. In fact, the Chetaks flew over mostly empty chairs for the closing ceremony, showcasing the general disinterest of people.

And then one monument stood silently, at the heart of the celebrations, showcasing the apathy. The old War Memorial, whose golden inscriptions were stolen by vandals and premises taken over by miscreants and beggars, remained what it has been all these days a sorry memorial.

In short, "Splendid" was comatose despite a couple of crores of rupees of amount that was spent.