TRS floor leader in the Assembly Etela Rajendar has said that Telangana people would accept no new rules on the State capital issue. He, along with MP G. Vivekananda, arrived here on Tuesday to extend their support to the OUJAC leader Punna Kailash, who has been on a fast.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Rajendar said the Telangana people would only accept the rules that were made during the formation of all new states after Indian independence.

Stating that about Gujaratis accounts to the 12 per cent population of Mumbai, the pink party leader argued that Centre had framed no special rules to protect Gujaratis then. During the Madras State’s division, the Centre also framed no specific rules to protect the Telugu people living in Madras, but a sizeable Telugu speaking population have been living peacefully there with full freedom, he said.

“Any Indian can live in Hyderabad as the law permits for it even after the State’s division. Many people from other States are living in Hyderabad without any fear,” he said.

Peddapalli MP G. Vivekanand said that the Seemandhra leaders had made many gimmicks to stall the formation of Telangana State, but they did not succeed. Supporting the indefinite protest of the OUJAC leader, Mr. Vivek asked the pro-Telangana organisations to organise more protest programmes.

‘Telangana people will only accept the rules that were made during the formation of all new States after Independence’