The Superintendent of Police, K. Raghuram Reddy on Sunday announced pedestrianisation of the busy Gandhi Road, the beehive of commercial activity, as part of efforts to find a solution to perennial traffic jams in the town. Paying attention to the traffic woes of the town with narrow lanes and bylanes, the SP after first-hand study of the problem, said “while traffic on the arterial Chennai-Kolkata national highway flows smoothly, it is not so in case of the roads in the town.

He said barricades would be put in the next couple of days to bar entry for vehicles into the Gandhi road.

The strength of Home Guards in maintaining vehicular traffic would be doubled from the present 36 by drawing additional Home Guards from other divisions in the district, he said.

He said traffic signal lights would be installed at places on the arterial Trunk road. The pouring in of vehicles from all directions near the RTC bus stand would be regulated to ensure smooth flow of traffic on the Kurnool road.