Soyabean brings cheer to farmers

Cost factor and profits prompt Medak farmers to go for cultivation of the crop

Farmers in Medak district are shifting from cultivation of green gram and black gram to Soyabean as the cost involved and harvesting period are less compared to crops like cotton and maize.

While farmers have to invest Rs. 25,000 per acre for cotton, the cost for maize stands between Rs. 12000 and Rs. 16,000. However, in the case of soyabean, the cost per acre stands at Rs. 8,000. The gestation period of the crop is 90 days, considerably less comparing with other crops and it can be sowed as inter-crop as well.

Farmers from both Narayanakhed and Zaheerabad areas prefer to cultivate this crop and the demand for soya bean seed has increased beyond the assessments of the agriculture officials. Though officials have prepared estimation for 9,000 hectares comparing with the 7,000 hectares cultivated in the last season, the demand from farmers is more. However, officials are not sure to which extent cultivation area would extend as the sowing has not yet been completed in all areas. The crop is suitable in black soil areas.

Soya bean seed production is taken up only at Madhya Pradesh and naturally it is taking longer time to transport the seed. One more reason for the seed crisis was that loss of germination percentage in a very short period comparing to other crops and hence it cannot be imported in large quantities. The seed for the current season cannot be used for next season.

“The soya bean crop will have thorn which will naturally protect it from wild boars. They are also getting good returns of Rs. 5,000 per quintal. These are the main reason for farmers opting of soya bean crop,” said U. Umamaheswaramma, Joint Director, Agriculture.

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