‘Impact-2013’ a soft skills training programme for students and unemployed youth commenced on Wednesday. The 12-day programme aims at equipping students with soft skills, including communication skills and personality development techniques. About 50 experts will be guiding the 1,500 students participating in the programme.

GHMC Commissioner M.T. Krishna Babu inaugurated the programme being conducted by the Impact Foundation at Hari Hara Kala Bhavan. The event is also supported by GHMC, Junior Chamber International, Hyderabad Synergy along with other voluntary organisations.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Babu said hard work and loyalty were key for becoming a successful person. Adopting shortcuts for success would only give temporary results, he said.

Students should strive hard and develop leadership qualities as they were essential in the current competitive working environment. Developing communicative skills and inculcating reading habits would help the students from rural backgrounds in coping with their urban counterparts, he said.

CBI Joint Director J.D. Lakshminarayana advised students to excel in whatever field they choose.


100 Govt. schools to get soft skills trainersDecember 7, 2014