R. Avadhani

KASHIPUR (MEDAK DISTRICT): Given the time and opportunity to prove their talent in completing a final year engineering project, the students of D.V.R. College of Engineering and Technology, located at Kashipur village near Sangareddy, have developed different systems that might be useful to society.

Hydraulic ram pump

A group of students developed a system which pumps water from large ponds or tanks to a height of nine metres. The system works on pressure built up instead of power that is generally required.

“This project involves a pump that works by using the energy of a large amount of water from a lesser head to lift a small amount of water to a much greater head.

This will be particularly useful in villages where large amount of water is available in lakes and ponds,'' explains one of the students, V.V. Anish.

Water jet cutter

The students also developed another system where water forcibly coming from a jet would cut a hard rubber without much effort.

“This project demonstrates that water can be used as a cutting tool to cut materials like rubber, metal, stone (marbles), wood and paper. Water is pressurised by a reciprocating pump.

This water at a pressure of 40 bar passes through a nozzle of 1 mm diameter.

The jet of water coming out from the nozzle impinges on the material to be cut,'' say V. Chandrasekhar and T. Suresh, the project members.

“We are trying to inculcate the habit among the students of developing and working on the systems that would be useful for society,'' said Mechanical Department Head P.S. Ravi.