Satire. Disappointment. Acrimony. Exultation. Social media buzzed with the T-word as online community flipped out in response to the Justice Sri Krishna Committee report on Telangana. No sooner was the report made public on Thursday morning did the social networking sites go alive with the tweets and status messages. Social networking bugs went about flaunting their political ‘gyaan', more often passing around the latest news updates as they unravelled through the day.

“Disappointed Telangana will make option 5 [the] new mantra,” tweeted one user, nsetopper. One elderly tweeter, sundaramany sounded off, “Telangana: For socio-economic development of regions, do we need to keep splitting existing States? Option 5 seems a remote possibility.” “Statistical hogwash,” opined another Lavanya Dyapa on Facebook, while lawyer-activist Raviteja Padiri stated, “Srikrishna Committee report depicts the true nature of opportunistic Congress politics.” As OU went on the rampage, msathia tweeted, “Telangana erupts again. Violence in Os "mania."”, while another RajeshTweet wondered, “I'm just wondering what in the world is teached (taught) in Osmania University.”

By evening, by which time many office-goers must have returned home and logged into the social networking sites, there was tsunami of tweets and status updates on Telangana and Sri Krishna Committee. Every minute saw at least two tweets being posted on Twitter after 7 p.m. By 9 p.m., it averaged 26 a minute!

Puns and satires were the clear favourites as they garnered ‘likes' and were re-tweeted. Most popular was the comment of a news satire website: “Last time a Srikrishna was called to help, he delivered a whole Gita to a confused Arjuna”!