So near, yet so far

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UNCERTAIN FUTURE: Mohd. Burhan helping his daughters Ruksana, Shabana and Anjum with their studies. Photo: D. Gopalakrishnan
UNCERTAIN FUTURE: Mohd. Burhan helping his daughters Ruksana, Shabana and Anjum with their studies. Photo: D. Gopalakrishnan

M.L.Melly Maitreyi

Ruksana, daughter of a poor pushcart vendor hopes some kind soul will help her pursue her dream of becoming an engineer

Burhan grievously injured in a bizarre incident Attacked with a sickle by constableSurvives the attack but loses use of his left hand

HYDERABAD: Ruksana was in seventh standard when her dreams of higher education seemed shattered. The family had received the shocking news that her father was grievously injured in a bizarre incident.

That was May 11, 2001. A constable Jahangir went berserk attacking passers-by with a sickle snatched from a coconut vendor near the Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences and almost chopped off Md. Burhan's left arm even as others ran for their lives.

Md. Burhan, a pushcart vendor of plastic and steel utensils near NIMS, barely escaped from the jaws of death but the incident rendered his arm useless. Burhan came out of hospital but could no longer afford to send Ruksana and her two younger sisters to school.

With the only wage earner in the family recuperating, the family was more concerned about their day-to-day survival putting a question mark on the education of the three young girls.

Timely help

But to the delight of girls help came in the form of a Good Samaritan. K.V. Mahadevan, who moved by the incident reported in The Hindu , offered to sponsor education of all the three girls.

After five years, Ruksana who scored 87 per cent in Intermediate and with a rank of 58,000 in EAMCET is once again uncertain of future.

Ruksana who completed her Intermediate from Narayana Junior College, S.R. Nagar is the first girl in her family circle on the verge of pursuing an engineering course.

Sponsor shifts

But with her sponsor for five years now moving away to another city, her family is once again in a dilemma.

While they are grateful to the generosity of Mahadevan, they fervently hope another kind-hearted soul would lend a helping hand to the girl dreaming of becoming an engineer.

Meagre income

"With my left hand rendered useless and in poor health, I earn about Rs.50 to Rs.60 a day that is just about enough to feed my family. Sending my daughter to an engineering college is beyond my means," says Burhan. Burhan has a son who has no inclination for studies but his three daughters believe education is the beacon for their future. Ruksana's sisters are in tenth and ninth standards respectively at Ravindra Niketan High School.

"If I become an engineer, I will take care of my sisters' aspirations," says Ruksana.

With EAMCET counselling beginning from July 6, the girl near to making her dream even as financial uncertainty casts a heavy shadow on her flickering hope.



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