Divisional Forest Officer K. Mohan released 10 hatchlings

The Friends of Snakes Society has successfully incubated eggs of a non-venomous snake at its facility and released the hatchlings into the KBR National Park here on Saturday.

The organisation had rescued a gravid Banded Racer snake two months ago, which was relocated with the help of the Forest Department officials within three days.

However, during its stay at the facility, the snake laid 15 eggs in an enclosure.

After its departure, the eggs were separated into an incubator the organisation had procured recently.

10 eggs hatched

After 55 days of due care with regard to appropriate substrate, conducing temperature and humidity, 10 eggs hatched successfully, the press release informed.

Four eggs proved to be infertile, while one failed to hatch. The 10 hatchlings were released into the park by Divisional Forest Officer K.Mohan.

While the organisation experimented with incubation of eggs earlier too, this is the first instance of such a high success rate, the press release said.

The Friends of Snakes Society may be contacted over phone number 83742 33366.