Over the last three weeks, residents of Saket Colony are facing problems owing to burning of garbage from a nearby illegal dump. The colony is pervaded by smoke followed by terrible stench causing nausea and resulting in burning of eyes and throat. Residents are unable to open the doors and windows because of the smoke emanating from the North Eastern side of the area. The municipal authorities should look into the matter and clear the garbage dump.


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Civic authorities

ignoring complaints

Despite filing numerous complaints, the civic authorities are not attending to the grievances of the people at SBI lane opposite Elephant House, Ameerpet. The complaints pertain to issues like defecating on the roadside, encroachment of footpaths, lack of green cover and street lights.

Hari Goud

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Extend trains till


Currently here are two daily trains to Bangalore from Kacheguda and both arrive at the same station during early hours. As this station is far from other areas of the city, passengers have been undergoing an ordeal to reach home in Secunderabad and beyond. Most auto-rickshaw drivers either bluntly refuse to ply or demand exorbitant amounts. To mitigate this situation these trains should be extended up to Secunderabad.


New Bhoiguda

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