Political parties’ leaders from Telangana and intellectuals justified the demand for smaller states at a meeting organised by Post Graduate College of Law, Osmania University, here on Saturday.

They stressed the need for creation of smaller states to ensure social justice and faster development of backward areas citing the recent experience of Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh. Living standards of local communities had improved in the new formations, they said. Even B.R. Ambedkar had favoured smaller states and ensured a provision for their formation under Article 3 of the Constitution, they stated.

Former Congress Working Committee (CWC) member K. Keshava Rao said the Congress leadership was ready to form Telangana, but a unified effort was needed to build pressure on it. Former TRS MP B. Vinod Kumar alleged that capitalists of Seemandhra region were scuttling the formation of Telangana due to their business interests here. Another former MP, Aziz Pasha of CPI, suggested a wide debate on smaller states in the Parliament.

President of Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee (APCLC) Prof. S. Seshaiah said the demand for Telangana was justified and the people of Rayalaseema were not against it. Principal of PG College Prof. G. Vinod Kumar favoured a scientific basis for formation of the smaller states. Telangana protagonists Keshava Rao Jadhav, Gajjela Kantham and ICSSR senior fellow I. Tirumali also spoke.