Curfew did not deter devotees of Sri Pydithalli Ammavaru from offering prayers to Sirimaanu (ceremonial post) that was carted to the town from Duppada village in Vizianagaram mandal on Wednesday evening. Collector Kantilal Dande permitted 100 people, including Endowments staff, drummers, folk artistes, to follow the ceremonial post from R & B Guest House in the town.

The pole was carted to Hukumpeta where the temple priest Thallapudi Bhaskar Rao’s house is located with police rope parties in toe on both sides of the cart. Yet married women came out of their houses and offered ‘pasupu and kum kuma to the tree. The annual ‘Sirimanotsavam’ of the goddess is scheduled on October 22.

Offered prayers

In the morning, Mr. Kantilal Dande, Joint Collector P.A. Sobha, Superintendent of Police Karthikeya, Executive Officer of the temple P.V.A.V.S. Bhanu Raja, and Congress leaders Y. Adi Raju, Pilla Vijaya Kumar and others visited the village where they offered prayers to the tree before it was cut.

The annual ‘Sirimano-

tsavam’ of the goddess is scheduled on October 22