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Apart from saris, shirts, ties and other menswear, fabrics, bed sheets, cushion covers, etc. are also available

HYDERABAD: Kuchipudi dance exponent Sobha Naidu inaugurated the Silk Mark Expo 2010, an annual exhibition for the pure-silk lovers at Satya Sai Nigamagamam here on Friday. Organised by the Silk Mark Organisation of India, this is the second consecutive year the exhibition is being organised where one could get different varieties of silk under one roof.

Guarantee on quality

The organisers guaranteed that all the silk products on sale at the exhibition were stamped with ‘Silk Mark', implying 100 per cent pure silk. Sellers from as far as Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, Bihar, Haryana among other places exhibited their wares at the exhibition.

It was not just silk saris that caught one's eye, but shirts, ties, and other menswear, fabrics, bed sheets, cushion covers etc.

A stall set up by Regional Tassar Research Station, Warangal showcased egg specimens, larvae, pupae, moths, cocoons, food plants silk worms feed on to produce silk, different stages in silk production, different types of silk and the do's and don'ts of its care.

It also housed a ‘silk purity testing centre' where customers could get quality of their silk tested.