G. Ravikiran

VIJAYAWADA: It is an altogether different world, where they are moulded into ‘smart students’ right from their school years. ‘Smart’ in every sense of the word, so as to enable them to take up any challenging task and face any kind of situation that demands of them a wide variety of skills and capabilities.

This is the new ‘smart’ mantra that the V.P. Siddhartha Public School is focussing on these days, to keep pace with new modes of teaching and modernised classrooms.

The school has tied up with Educom, a New Delhi-based consultancy firm, to implement the new concept and see to that it is properly launched for the benefit of its students. From the academic year 2008-09, it has been decided to extend the facility fully to 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th classes.

Special feature

A special feature of the concept of ‘smart classroom’ is usage of digital boards and LCD screens to leverage technology to make classroom teaching more effective and highly fulfilling.

One of the hard decisions taken to usher in this most modern method of education is fee hike.

The parents have been informed about the introduction of the new tools and told about enhancement of tuition fee to meet the consequent expenditure.

From the 2008-09 academic year, parents have been asked to pay Rs. 200 more towards tuition fee every month to meet expenditure on ‘smart classes’, besides other revenue overheads.

School administrative officer G. Srinivasa Rao told The Hindu on Monday that initially a few classes would be turned into ‘smart’ ones equipped with latest technologies, and the benefits would be passed on uniformly to all students of a particular class, like 7th or 10th class. Professionals from Educom would provide training to the school staff before the start of the next academic year.