The 6th Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Krishnmurthy on Wednesday handed down punishment of six months' simple imprisonment and penalty of Rs. 6,000 on Siasat Editor, Zahid Ali Khan, in a defamation case filed by Majlis legislator Afsar Khan.

However, the Magistrate suspended the operation of the verdict till June 9 giving time to Mr. Khan for appeal in a higher court. The case relates to an article published by the Siasat in 2006 alleging that the slaughtering of animals at Ziaguda slaughter house was not being done the ‘halal' way. The article named the involvement of the Karwan MLA in the illegal slaughter. Soon after, Mr. Afsar Khan filed a defamation case against the Siasat Editor.

Magistrate suspends operation of verdict till June 9