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Celebrations will be held on a grand scale from Tuesday to Friday

Shobha Yatra will be taken out through the city Nishan Yatra carrying flags will also be taken out Shyam Akhand Jyothi Patt Nruthya Natika to be staged

VISAKHAPATNAM: The first anniversary celebrations of 'Khatu' Shyam Baba temple in the Kurupam Market area in the city will be celebrated on a grand scale from Tuesday to Friday.

Announcing this at a media conference here on Monday, founder-president of Visakha Prem Sagar and spokesman of the temple management Chandmal Agarwal said that a 'Shobha Yatra' would be taken out from the temple premises on Tuesday at 4 p.m. through the main thoroughfares covering Suryabagh, Dabagardens, Jail Road, Jagadamba Junction and Poorna Market before returning to the temple.

A bhajan troupe from Kolkata would also take part during the yatra rendering Shyam bhajan all through the yatra route.

On Wednesday, Sri Shyam Akhand Jyothi Patt Nruthya Natika would be presented from 9 a.m. at Viswapriya Function Hall on Beach Road and the programme would last till 8 p.m.

On Thursday night, a 'Nishan Yatra' carrying flags would be taken out from Isukathota Junction in the city to the temple premises in Kurupam Market.

Shyam bhajans

The Hindi and Telugu versions of Shyam bhajans would also be released during the celebrations, which conclude on Friday, he said.

Mr. Agarwal also said that top bhajan performers like Sivakumar Jalan and Raghuvar Dayal Ojha from Kolkata, Harmahendra Singh Romi from Punjab, Kunj Behari from Brindavan and Vinod Kumar Gadodia from Rajasthan would participate in the celebrations and render melliflous bhajans.