This refers to the news item, “Criminalisation of politics cause of cynicism: Somnath” (The Hindu, March 15, 2009). The nexus between crime and politics has assumed such monstrous dimensions that it seems to shake the confidence of the public and threatens the very existence of our body politics.

The shadow of crime is crippling the legislative bodies to such an extent that a question often raised is whether the system of democracy which we adopted with such gusto would survive. There is a need to take swift action and tainted politicians are made to retire from public life.

M Satyanarayana Rao,


Political ideology loses sheen

It is election time and various political parties are adopting different modules to woo voters. But in today’s political scenario the political ideology has lost its importance.

The welfare measures are announced to get political mileage. The mandated political party after forming government should give shape to the people’s aspirations.

All sections of society should feel that their interests are being taken care of. Every eligible person should get work.

Focus should be on health, transport, communication, roads, twenty four-hour power supply and many more for an overall development.

GL Panchashrit Reddy,


Poor facilities at polling stations

Election Commission officials are beginning the exercise of deploying employees for poll duties but the facilities that are provided to the officials on election duty at the polling stations are woefully inadequate.

The staff have to largely depend on the mercy of the villagers for every need. This is a regular scenario.

Special care should be taken with regard to women employees.

The district election officers should ensure that basic facilities are provided at the polling stations.

G. Jagannadh,