The Registrar of Companies (ROC) here issued a show cause notice to Maytas Properties for not filing the returns for 2008-09.

The ROC M.V. Chakranarayan told a press conference on Thursday that a reply from the company was awaited as it was given 15 days to respond. Prosecution proceedings would be launched after that if the response was not satisfactory.

In the case of Maytas Infrastructure, Mr. Chakranarayan said orders passed by Company Law Board regarding acquisition of 20 per cent stake in the company by Saudi Arabia-based infrastructure conglomerate Saudi Binladin Group were registered by his office. He said the office had identified 38,000 registered companies in the State as having not filing returns for the last three years.

They included 23,955 defunct companies which are not in operation. There was no data about these companies. He added that 62,492 companies were registered with the office.