‘Maa oollo kurisina vaana,’ a compilation of essays penned by noted writer Vadrevu Veeralakshmi Devi, and ‘Paatham poortayyaka,’ a compilation of poems penned by Datla Devadanam Raju, were released on the second day of the three-day literary festival on Saturday, which was being oraganised jointly by the Sahitya Akademi and the city-based Centre for Empowerment and Development of Women at Rotary conference hall here.

Academician P. Chiranjeevini Kumari released the compilation of essays, while writer and critic Poranki Dakshina Murthy released the poetry.

Addressing a ‘story reading’ session that was followed by the book release functions, Mr. Dakshina Murthy advised the writers to focus on readability.

Distinguishing story and short-story, he said the story could be compared with a raw diamond, whereas the short-story was like a polished diamond. “How to tell the story is equally important. After choosing the subject, the writers must exercise on a structure and adopt their own style. They must also focus on giving an apt title to their work,” he said.

Writers P. Satyavathi, Adrushta Deepak, Ganti Bhanumati, Datla Devadanam Raju and Ganteda Gowru Naidu read out their stories to the audience, which was followed by an interactive session. Earlier in the day, a ‘Kavisammelanam’ was conducted.

Two books released on the second day of the three-day literary festival