Special Correspondent

VISAKHAPATNAM: Death of Md. Salauddin (20) after he was trapped in the cabin of the launch which capsized in the Chitrakonda reservoir after an attack by the Maoists on Sunday, was informed to his family by one of the survivors.

Krishna, a friend of Salauddin and who along with some others could manage to swim to the shore in spite of the Maoists firing at them, called Salauddin’s family in Annasagar village in Mahaboobnagar district and said Salauddin would not have survived as he could not swim.

Salauddin’s uncles Md. Fasiuddin and Md. Shabir told reporters that Krishna informed their brother, who is a Head Constable working in Mahaboobnagar, about his friend’s fate and others who could not swim like Salauddin too met a watery grave.

Salauddin’s uncles were also not happy that a Greyhounds constable like their nephew was made to travel on water.

Salauddin was 20 years old. He joined the APSP 10th Battalion two years ago and was with Greyhounds since the last one year.