Special Correspondent

KURNOOL: The supporters of SFI staged a protest seeking aments to Education Act to make it more effective. SFI city secretary Yella Goud, KVPS leaders Jagannatham and others took part in the protest.

They said the Education Bill was appreciable but it required some more provisions to make it more effective.

They said the free compulsory education be extended to 18 years. Also, they were for extension of midday meal scheme and a constructive plan for removal of child labour.

As per the act, the centre has to contribute 60 per cent funds and the state 40 per cent.

The teacher student ration be restricted to 1:30. However, one teacher was available for every 200 students. Twenty five per cent quota be reserved for the poor in private schools too. The government should ban talent tests.

Common school system should be encouraged to promote equal education. However, the government had not done any thing in this direction so far.