Staff Reporter

Not to introduce their daughters

into flesh trade

Anantapur: About 1,600 sex workers operating in five mandal of Garladinne, Kalluru, Peddavaduguru, Tadipatri and Anantapur in the district have resolved against introducing their daughters into the trade.

They are determined to keep their children from the world of illusion which reduced their lives into mere objects of sex.

Our daughters are not for sale, asserts a sex worker who is determined to end the cycle of sex marketing.

We do not want our daughters to know what we are doing, adds Bharathi, hailing from Kalluru village.

This revolutionary decision with far reaching consequences on the status of HIV/AIDS was not a decision taken overnight on the basis of emotional impulses but it was made weighing the pros and cons of their profession, the future of their children and to realise the dream of creating an AIDS free world.

The resolution was the result of education, reasoning and persuasion by the sex workers among themselves and also by the Centre for Rural Action (CERA) even while advocating safe sex practices and by building a community led advocacy movement.

The female sex workers with a view to rid their children out of the flesh trade, which worsened their economic lot and subjected them to the vagaries of exploitation, disease, torture, social stigma and ultimately to AIDS and death, has even distanced their children from the environment of flesh trade by admitting their children in government residential schools far away from them. Centre for Rural Action is even encouraging marriages between the children of the sex workers both positives with positives and negatives with negatives.

Rama Lakshmi, president of Community based Organisation (CBO) involving all the female sex workers, male sex workers and even transgenders, says the CBO is determined to put a halt to the legacy of prostitution and bring up their children in a clean, stigma-free environment. She said that she took up with the management of social welfare hostels specific cases of discrimination of the children of sex workers by taking a serious view of such offenders.

She added that the CBO is stepping into places where ever the sex workers are being treated without dignity.

She said that Mythili Clinics are playing an important role in preserving the health of the sex workers and their children.

The CBO, with the assistance of CERA, takes full care of the sick and ailing women by nursing them back to perfect health through, moral and material support.

CERA interventions are being supported by International Alliance on HIV/AIDS as part of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's India Avahan Aids initiative in collaboration with the AP State Aids Control Society.