Y. Venkat Reddy, president of Kurnool District Senior Citizens Welfare Association, urged Superintendent of Police M. Sivaprasad to sensitise officers in dealing with issues of senior citizens.

Mr. Venkat Reddy and other office-bearers met the SP and presented a memorandum seeking protection under the National Policy for Senior Citizens.

Mr. Reddy pointed out that the society, especially the police department, should not ignore the contribution made by the present senior citizens for the well-being and prosperity of the society.

As joint family system was crumbling, the victims of the social change were senior citizens who became the targets of physical and mental abuse. Mr. Reddy pointed that the immediate threat to the safety and peaceful living of the senior citizens was from immediate family members who wanted them to divest of economic and financial rights. Most of the victims silently suffered fearing further reprisal.

Also, the senior citizens were the soft targets for criminals.