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BJP functionaries ‘hang' cut-out in public

Hanging will send a clear message to Pakistan that India will not remain mute spectator

BJP cadres attribute belligerent Pak-inspired terrorist attacks to ‘vote bank policies'

TIRUPATI: With the trial court to ready to pronounce its judgement on the Pakistani terrorist, Ajmal Kasab any moment on Wednesday, State and district Bharatiya Janata Party functionaries hanged in public his cut-out in Tirupati, to symbolically echo the public sentiment that it alone would meet the ends of justice.

Sending him to gallows alone would provide the natural justice to the terrorist, who mercilessly killed 72 innocent persons including top police officers in the blind shoot-out, the cadres said amid heavy sloganeering.

State official spokesperson of the BJP G. Bhanuprakash Reddy, Tirupati city unit president of the party Samanchi Srinivas and other leaders in a frenzied speech after the mock hanging of Kasab at the busy Four Pillar Mandapam junction here, said hanging alone would send the message loud and clear to Pakistan that India would not remain a mute spectator if it stealthily continued to ‘smuggle' into its territory terrorists to carry out vicious attacks.

The BJP cadres attributed the belligerent Pak-inspired terrorist attacks on Indian soil to the ‘shameless vote bank policies' being pursued by the Congress-led UPA government and cited as example the way it was still dragging its feet on Afzal Guru's case who was reportedly awarded death sentence for his alleged hand in the terrorist attack on the Parliament building.